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13 Oct. 2017


Nu är det dags för presentationerna i idétävlingen


Bryne AB Training Course 19-21 June 2017

SKF AB has fulfilled a course in “Applied casting technique” by Bryne.

The course was implemented in cooperation with two Swedish foundries Lundbergs Pressgjuteri AB and Norrhults stålgjuteri for a two-day work site visit. The purpose was to combine the theoretical sessions with the practical industrial applications. The second day was carried out in Jönköping, were new opportunities for future applications were discussed.


Sep 29th 2017

In cooperation with Linnaeus Technical Center, a lunchseminarium has been held at the Bryne conferance center in which Fredric Sandberg from Monitor had presented about EPR System to the delegates from the industrial companies in Älmhult.

June Bryne at Smålänningen

Loop at the international market and more about the developing progress.

April 2017

Älmhult business information meeting at Bryne conference center

What a great honor for Bryne to welcome Almhult municipality guests & companies at the business information breakfast!

March 9th & 10th 2017

Bryne at the casting industry days "Gjuteridagarna 2017" i Jönköping- Sweden.


Feb 9th 2017

Local and parliamentary politicians have visited our development center in Diö at Bryne AB. It was the social democratic politicians who took the opportunity to discuss about the 'start-up' on the provincial. Monica Haider the parliament member took the initiative to visit Bryne after seeing many articles about us in the media. After Monika’s earlier visit to the mill before the rebuilding works she obviously notes that works which has been done is undeniably effort. The motto of the mill technology to 'new technology meets old' becomes apparent when the technologically advanced innovations developed where contemporary major industry at the same house. Stefan Jonsson, local politicians in Älmhult municipality, visited the mill several times, once had plans to convert the building into a pub. Wonderful that a building can provide inspiration for everything from barley-malt to 3D printing.

Nov.25 2016

The diploma work performed by Alexander Lyrbo and Tobias Nordborg was rewarded by the foundation of ‘Sparbankstiftelsen Kronan’. Their construction of a fundament for a metal 3D-printer is a great importance for Bryne´s future product development of a metal additive manufacturing printer.

Tomas Liljenfors Bryne AB showing new invested equipment for material analysis of Parliament (s) Monica Haider from the Environment and Agriculture Committee, MP (S) Hanna Westren from nutrition committee, Eva Ballovarre prospective councilor in Älmhult, Stefan Jonsson Chairman of the Education Committee in Älmhult and Lovisa Alm ombudsman of the Social Democrats. Photo by Dania Albaredy


Crush-course in reversed engineering at Bryne AB by the S3DI

Sep. 2016

Bryne invest in an inverted optical microscope from Zeiss. The new microscope is semiautomatic for an efficient and stable analysis for large series material investigations.


Jun. 2016

Bryne grows! Bryne has employed Alxander Lyrbo, that recently has been taken his degree in the mechanical design engineering program at Linnaeus University. Alexander’s large interest in Heavy metal will be of great importance for the future of Bryne.

Juni 2016

The diploma work of Tobias Nordborg and Alexander Lyrbo has been presenteted. The aim of the work within the field of product development was to produce a movable base for high-temperarture 3D-printer that will be further developed by Bryne. CEO at Bryne AB, Tomas Liljenfors comments “This work is a great example to show how student work can be used for ideas that the company do not have the time to focus. This is very important for future development work within Bryne”.

2016 August

Today Bryne has installed their own production line for producing their invention LOOP. The production unit takes Bryne from a service bureau to a producing unit. The main purpose is to have a stable production route to produce the analytical tool LOOP. Al

so prototypes for future product will be produced in the unit.

May 11th 2016

Bryne now is a member at the Swedish Foundry Association (SFA).


BRYNE AB is a supervisor on master thesis subject to " Molten metal's flow" at Linne' university.

May 2016

Bryne on DN debate.

Oct. 2016

A new sample preparation station has been installed at Bryne´s material analysis laboratory in Diö. The is an important step for Bryne and a crucial step for Bryne’s material analysis services .



Bryne AB Receives a Visit from Members of Parliament June 26 2017

Johan Hultberg, a member of the Swedish Parliament visited Bryne AB in Diö, together with a group of politicians from the Moderaterna political party. During their visit to our Bryne development center we discussed enterprising and entrepreneurship, knowledge of materials, development and additive manufacturing.


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