At Bryne AB we are driven by the individuals proficiency and participation.

We are always looking for employees who are passionate to develop individually and as a company. We are unique in our knowledge and much of the insight we share internally.

Let us sharpen you!.

At Bryne, we do not seek a specific  skill. We believe that every individual has something unique to offer. We are also working closely with Universities, where many of our employees develop their skills in parallel with work.

Bryne stands always for sustainability, environmental integrity and innovation.

Let us sharpen you!.


At Bryne AB we greatly enjoy work with students. Do you have an idea or want to know more about what we can do together? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking for undergraduates and aim to give the student rewarding opportunities, our previous student collaborations have been very rewarding for all concerned. The best part of student work is that it rarely produces the intended result – often surpassing expectations!

Bryne AB has developed a policy for student thesis’s so that you, as a student, know what you can expect from Bryne, but also what we expect from you. Suggestions on thesis subjects will come from us together as a collaboration – it is our belief that your creativity and ingenuity will be strengthened by this. After all, this is our goal with student collaborators.