At Bryne AB the technical know-how is at least as important as theoretical knowledge.

With a long tradition of cooperative projects in the close vicinity of Universities, with one foot in the industry and the other in academia, we have gained the theoretical tools to create practical solutions for the industry. We share our know-how through training, and consulting services. The know-how is also practiced daily in the internal development process of our products. Our products are designed to be precise and user friendly in a fast-paced industrial environment.

When you engage Bryne AB consulting services in your business – you can expect much more than a long winded written report with theoretical references. What we will supply is a solution based on your input and our know-how that you can apply directly in your business.

Our suggestions combine quick solutions that are easy to implement directly as well as suggestions that will cover a long-term solution.

The Bryne AB solution to your request is not an academic solution, neither a solution made by a report.

 Bryne AB solutions ‘easy-to-implement’ advisory suggestions of how to navigate the future to further your business for long-term sustainability, environmental integrity and profitability.

Let us sharpen you!


At Bryne the technical know-how is at least as important as theoretical knowledge..

Bryne's innovation process is supported by several prominent organizations and educational bodies.

 -Linnaeus University.


-Jönköping University.

-Business incubator  Kronoberg.

-Swedish foundry association.

- Almi.